Gale foreldre!

These 20 Cute Kids Were So Unlucky With Such Worst Parents.

My Goodness! Are They Even Parents?

#1. If not guided accordingly, this kids would be sharpshooters at a very young age.

Babies Taught How To Use A Gun 

#2. Who would have let this kid be in here?

Baby Bathing In The Toilet Bowl

#3. How he was able to get there makes me wonder.

Baby Climbing On The Fridge 

#4. This is meant for frat guys but not for this baby.

Baby Fed With A Beer

5. What comes into this child?s parents mind to tape him into the wall?

Baby Hung On The Wall With Duct Tape

#6. Don?t leave your kids unattended by a fridge#? or even a microwave, so they don?t lock themselves in.

Baby In A Microwave


#7. This clearly isn?t a nice treat for your child?s first birthday.

Baby Introduced To An Adult Drink

#8. All that?s in it looks delicious except for this little girl. Oh, my gosh!


Baby Placed On a Platter

#9. Any person of any age who sees this 

 surely scream and shout. How much more this baby?

Baby Sits On A Skeleton

                                                                                      #10. Thank God, this baby hasn?t yet developed the fear of snakes.

Baby Sleeping With A Snake


#11. Oh, Big Mama! Don?t you realize how squeezed your little girl is?

Baby Squeezed In Her Mom's Bike


#12. Look how this daddy is having fun at his little boy playing with that ax (even if it?s just a faux-weapon).

Baby With An Ax

#15. This dad must be sending his son to a Hebrew School.

Kid Wearing A Swastika Shirt 

#16. And how daring this lingerie-mother is to take a selfie photo with her baby girl?

Mom In Two-Piece Takes Selfie With Daughter 

#17. I?m guessing this mom must have be a frustrated pole dancer.

Mom Making Her Baby A Pole Dancer

#18. I know this pudgy face is somewhat funny and cute, if only it doesn?t hurt.

Parent Makes Baby Face Pudgy 

#19. These parents are too adventurous not thinking of the worst thing that could happen.

Parents Throwing Their Baby


#20. This little girl?s parents are such great fools.

Smoking BabySource

Hva synes dere om foreldrene? Gale foreldre eller det var bare artig?


15 thoughts on “Gale foreldre!

  1. Helt horribelt!!
    Saken med ungen som ble tapet til veggen husker jeg,de fikk barnevernet på døren etter at de la ut bildet,-håper flere av disse foeldrene har fått besøk av myndighetene også!

  2. Jeg fikk vondt i magen av noen av bildene, ubehagelig å se på.
    Akkurat det med å “klemme” fjeset litt sammen var vel ikke så farlig eller vondt, men mange av de andre var virkelig forferdelige !

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