Yes, it is my birthday again!

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Yes, how fast the time flies, and before I knew it, I am going to be a hundred years old soon….

But let me tell you what I did on my birthday.



                    I danced alone in my my living room:) My husband is on board the ship again!


Had more than one hundred visitors. not at home, but in Facebook who greeted me on my birthday!



I ate leftovers food from yesterday.


Am I happy? 

Am I contented?


Well, actually I am happy because I know although that I celebrated my birthday with myself and myself, I am contented because I know that I am loved by God and many and that was really enough for me. 


Oh, by the way, my youngest daughter came by and brought me this:



Well, the day before, I invited my mother-in-law, my youngest daughter, my sister and her husband to dinner. 


I prepared fried chicken, kaldereta and salad.


Rice was  in the menu too:)



I made gelatin for dessert, but we were not lucky when we tried to put it on serving plate. So, no picture of it. Anyway, it did taste good.


I baked chocolate cake and served it with  coffee. But since it was too big for us 5 people, I brought the rest at work and served to the elderly. They were so thankful and happy for the cake.



So, now I am 52 years old. I am happy and thankful for all the blessings God has given me.


Thanks for all the greetings. Love you all!



5 thoughts on “Yes, it is my birthday again!

  1. Ååå, gratulerer med dagen!! Visste ikke du hadde bursdag. Håper den var litt kos da, og det ser jo ut som du hadde det 🙂 At duvar fornøyd selv om du feiret alene. Ha en flott dag i dag også <3 Bursdagsklem i etterkant <3

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